Wedding Video.

Our Story Book Wedding Videos are different, containing many sequences prior to the Wedding day. See how we produce a different style of Video that use to take us all over the country. Find out how you to can achieve over £4000.00 per wedding.

Since Len was 8 years old he was involved in film production, making movies of events and then splicing and editing them, showing different effects.

Over the years Len has won many awards with many productions and one called “A Childhood Memory” was shown in the National Theater London after coming in the top ten productions with the BAFA awards. He was also awarded the Hugh Bradley award with the RPS for the best Video production of the year. Later Len won Video Photographer of the Year with the Institute of Videographers.

Len is also the only Fellow with the MPA in both video and stills in the UK.

Course will cover:

Camera techniques
Camera skills
Practical shooting sessions
Production goals
Promotion your business
Wedding order of events.
Church Service
House Start
Love Story
Magic Moments
Two cameras shoot
Support available after the course

There will be plenty of hands on experience and we will take you through a whole wedding showing the different techniques required and events and sequences that can be produced during editing to make the Wedding Video different. We have won many awards for our video productions and we will show you how to be different and how to achieve this.

You do not need to have experience in Wedding Videos, this course will be based around the individual and to their own needs. Whether you are just starting out in Wedding Videos and wish to make a career in it, this would be the course for you. It will cover everything you would need to know and to get started in the business.

The course will be at your own pace, giving you time to relax and unwind in this beautiful part of the world.

Cost £480.00 2 day course / £720.00 3 day course


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