Len was awarded a Masters honours ar the SWPP conference in 2012 for his work as a judge and lecturer within the organization.

Nov 2010 Len lectures in Malta.

Charlotte our Model come 2nd in modelling competition.

Charlotte one of our models came second in a competition sponcered by the Daily Star Sunday. There were thousands of entries from all over the UK. Her pictures appeared in the paper, modelling a Man Utd top.

Our new Milford Marina studios is up and running!
The location is spectacular, with views across the waterway and marina.Penthouse The picture taken on the right was taken in the Penthouse Suit of the new unit. We have offices and studio area as well as the lecture room. There is a balcony outside with lounge chairs so you can sit and enjoy the view.
It is central to shops, cafes, bars and accommodation, some within walking distance of the studios.
We have a computer area for delegates use with A3 printers available for your own use.

Hi Len,

I just wanted to quickly update you as to what Iíve been up to since the course. I have managed to secure 2 weddings. The first I managed without any images other than the ones off the course! That is a cheap wedding with around 27 guests so it is an ideal start for me. This is next month. The second is a more expensive one which is locally and came via my website. I have also booked a couple of portraits sessions too. I am just going now to do a neighbours baby as a practice run! I now see what you mean with regard to how we worked out our pricing, as itís the time to get everything done after the wedding and the stuff in between actually taking the shots. I did also visit a local bride shop as you mentioned and they have provisionally agreed for me to take some shots of their dresses and then display my photos. Also, I did accompany another photographer off patch who allowed me to shadow them for the day and taught me a lot. A lot of the work in building the business is all about the marketing. It has been difficult without a full wedding portfolio, but now Iíve got one I can go out and market it. I am now just working on getting my portraits right, but canít seem to get a good background. Would you let me know what type the one you had? It was the grey looking one which Winge the cat kept going behind. I think it was oval with a train. I am happy with the settings you have given me to work with. They allowed me to shoot that first wedding with confidence and allowed me to take around 500 pictures which Iíve reduced down to about 120. I am now looking forward to the ones of my own. I look forward to hearing from you re the background. Regards Ian Mackey

Andrew Gransden Nature Photographer of the Year 2006.

Congratulations must go to Andrew Gransden LBPPA who has attended three of our courses last year. He won Nature Photographer of the Year 2006. Andrew also won five monthly competitions throughout the year for his work, some of which was taken on some of our courses. Well done Andrew.

Hi all It's Dale here, one of the guys from the wedding course in Pembrokeshire in May. Hope you are all well. I thought I'd drop you all a line to see how things have gone in the six months since those tense days back in the spring when Len had us all quaking in our boots about the prospect of shooting weddings FOR REAL! I shot the third of the three weddings I had planned for the year about three weeks ago so I guess this is a good time to give you an insight into my experiences.

Wedding 1, Maddie & Vince, end of May, was the perfect start in many ways. First of all I had another photographer helping me (a professional landscape photographer who had assisted on a few weddings before), which meant we managed a really broad coverage between us and I had a nice comfortable safety net. The venue was beautiful (small stately home in Dorset) and the weather perfect for photography (bright overcast). The bride and groom wanted a good mix of formals and (crap)ortage and had a good budget for their album. I designed a 40 page Graphistudio album for them which they (and I) are delighted by. Great, I was already enjoying myself - I can do this I thought!

Wedding 2, Hayley & Jason, start of June, was a bit more challenging. I was on my own for the first time, it was a baking hot day with really bright sunshine (perfect for the bride, not so good for me!) and I was shooting at a church on the side of a steep hill, with no flat areas and very little in the way of shade. The reception was at the local social club (not especially photogenic). I struggled with the light and had a lot of flare issues but managed to get there in the end. I've never been so hot in all my life - the pint I treated myself to at the reception after the shooting was over was the best I ever tasted I think! The B&G only wanted their images on CD (they had a very small budget) so no album this time, but they were really pleased with the results.

Wedding 3, Gwyn & Dave, took place about three weeks ago, and was the hardest by far. A 4.30pm ceremony at the start of November, candlelit! Sounds lovely (and it was) but really hard to shoot. Thank god the 5D's ability at high ISOs is so good as I was shooting at ISO 1600 all afternoon! It started badly and got worse - the bride was 45 mins late arriving due to a problem with her dress, but the caterers/disco etc. weren't going to move their slots so guess who got squashed - me! The B&G had requested mainly formals which were to be shot in a grand-ish room at the venue.

They gave me a list of about 15 groups (!) bCoursesut it ended up being more like 20 (!!) I got heckled by the bride's mum for taking too long! Very stressful but I managed them all in the end, although they are just record shots really - nothing I'm photographically proud of. The best shots of the day were of the B&G on their own back in the conservatory where they got married, using just the available light from the candles for mood. They want a traditional album so I'm looking into suppliers at the moment. A couple of shots from each wedding are attached. Be gentle with me Len! All in all, I really enjoyed myself, but I think I found the weddings more challenging as time went on and my lack of experience began to shine through, especially when having to work with artificial lighting (shooting outside is a doddle in comparison). I've realised that I need to get a lot more experience before I'd feel confident enough to take on paying jobs (these were all freebees for friends/family). In particular I have realised I have so much to learn about good flash technique.

Even though I feel I learned a lot on Len's course, it becomes apparent very quickly when you're doing the job for real that there's no substitute for experience in this game.... Hence I'm about to join the SWPP, get onto their "mentor me" programme, and try to get some work assisting (probably for free). I've got the beginnings of a portfolio now, which was one of the main aims for this year, so I'm happy with what I've achieved so far. I'm planning to go to the SWPP convention in January, so if any of you are also planning to go, let me know - it would be great to meet up.

Len - I believe you are speaking so I'll definitely be along for a listen! I'd love to hear how you're all getting on with your wedding photography and about your experiences and thoughts. Hope its going well for you and you're learning as much (and having as much fun) as I am!

Look forward to hearing from you all. Regards Dale.

p.s. sorry for not replying sooner Kevan!

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