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Discover the beauty of Pembrokeshire`s remote Islands taking a trip across by boat. Experience the thrills of discovering coves where seals are found as well as the array of wildlife found in and around Skomer Island. See the birds of Skomer Island, such as the Puffin, Kitflowertiwake, Cormorant, Gannet, Guillemot, Razorbill, Shearwater Manx and many more. The area is abound with bird life, especially around the Islands off the coast of Pembrokeshire.

The course will cover what you need to know about the equipment needed and explain composition, lighting, lens, etc. We will work with digital and film using Photoshop to produce some great images by the end of the course. There will be a visit to Skomer Island to photograph the Puffins between May and August, where you will be able to stand within a few feet of them!

The Islands.


Puffin at SkomerSome of the best diving to be had is around Skomer Island. The Island is home to a variety of wild life, such as the Grey seal, Puffins, Razorbills, Choughs, Guillemots, Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Gulls, and many more. You may also see Dolphins or Porpoise`s playing in the waters. The area is a nature reserve, and nothing is to be taken from the sea bed. A patrol boat from the reserve patrols the area. In North Haven there is a protected bed of Eel grass, and is not to be disturbed. This breeds young eels on which the Puffins feed. The Island can be visited, on which the warden should be called, their call sign is Skomer one. Mooring is possible on the slip on the right as you enter the Haven. South Haven on the other side, has good anchoring ground, but there is no access to the Island. In South Haven a number of Seals have been seen, and is a wonderful place just to stop and watch these playful creatures.

Jack Sound lies between the mainland and the Island, and the waters can be dangerous, and care must be taken. There are a lots of overfalls and low lying rocks just under the surface, which makes for some rough water at times.


THoney sucklehe first Island outside the Haven after passing St Ann's Head. She is separated from Skomer by the Wild Goose Race. There is a lighthouse on the western headland, and the sea extends 3,000 miles ahead of you, and the first land you will come across would be the coast of the USA. The houses on the Island were restored by Mr Lockley in 1927 when he came to live on the Island. He used the wood from the wreckage of the Alice Williams, a 132 ton topsail schooner. It was abandoned by the crew after she was blown with full sails up onto the rocks. The cargo of coal was also salvaged and put to good use, as was many other items from the wreck. The figure head of the Alice Williams was placed over South Haven to greet all who came to the Island.

A colony of seals can be found on the East side of the Island in a small bay. The first bird observatory was established on the Island in 1933. Good shelter can be found around the Island for diving, on any state of the wind. On the east side you can swim in a small bay where there are a colony of Grey Seals.

For more information on these beautiful islands, visit this site.

 Skomer Islands.


The Norsemen called it tthe hearthe "Grass Island". She lies some 50 min away from Little Haven, 9 miles out to sea. The Island can be seen (and smelt) for miles, as a white blob out to sea. It is covered with a colony of Gannets, some 33,000 breeding pairs, making it the second largest Gannery in the world. A hundred years ago there were only twenty gannet`s nest on the Island. In 1890 there were half a million puffins on Grassholm but they have all but disappeared.

An Island half way out to The Smalls, and not often dived due to the fact that if the weather is good, most boats would head for the Smalls, another group of Islands further out to sea.

Course covers:

Visit to Skomer Island, lectures, packed lunch, use of equipment and transportation. Between May & June is the best time to come if you are looking to get some great photographs of the Puffins.


Course fees £420.00


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