Just a few of the letters of recommendation we get each day:

Simon Holley
Hi Len, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the last week.. You have given me lots to work with and plenty to think about...will consider the the tripod .... I will be back

I think I am getting the hang of subtraction of light outdoors now, everywhere I go I find myself looking at potential areas to use so fingers crossed I can get that to be second nature. I had a great time on the course, really enjoyed and learned a lot so many thanks.


Hi Len,

Thought I'd email you to say a big thanks once again for all your help over the last 2 days. I really enjoyed the course & am looking forward to putting all the things I've learnt into action. I'm sure I will keep in contact with yourself & will be forwarding some photo's soon enough for your advice. I look forward to seeing you again someday, but until then I wish yourself & Sue all the best.

kind regards

Nick Bedford

Hello Len & Sue
First off, a belated thanks for a couple of very enjoyable courses, where i learned a great deal.
Its been a hectic couple of weeks, my preferred premesis was looking good but they were wanting a 5 year lease which i felt was a little too long to start off with. Then just found out there is another similar property 2 doors up that includes a first floor room ( 17ft x 12ft and a high-ish ceiling ) for same rent and a 3 year lease is fine by them. So awaiting rateable value before signing up.
I had a look at the lab you advised - Loxleys - and found they are going to be at Focus on Imaging n Birmingham so will see them there.
I put a few votes in for Megan and i see she was just pipped at the post.. which was a shame but i think she will do well in other comps.

All the best


Hi Len,

Thought I'd email you to say a big thanks once again for all your help over the last 2 days. I really enjoyed the course & am looking forward to putting all the things I've learnt into action. I'm sure I will keep in contact with yourself & will be forwarding some photo's soon enough for your advice. I look forward to seeing you again someday, but until then I wish yourself & Sue all the best.

kind regards

Nick Bedford

Dear Len

I attended your masterclass at the SWPP convention on Saturday. I would just like to express my thanks to you for helping me to find some direction in a discipline to which I have come only late in life (well not that late, I'm 53)

I had a rough idea what I wanted to do with my photography, but after attending classes with you and Jim Chamberlain, I am now certain which way to go.

It was a pleasure to meet and listen to you, and I am hoping to attend one of your courses in future.

Many thanks

Tom Carrol

Adrian wrote:
"Thank you for all the advice you gave my wife last week. She thoroughly enjoyed the course and has come back full of ideas. Thank you."

Randell JohnJanuary 11, 2011 at 4:15am

Hi Len and Susan just a quick message to say a big thank you for your hospitality this weekend. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the course, my head is still spinning.
I spoke to Debbie my better half as soon as I got home, and she agreed with you that a Studio in Bridgend is the best way forward. I'm going walkabout tomorrow to check out whats available in the town centre. I'm going to do us proud. Thanks again.


Just a quick email to thank you for your time, help and encouragement last
week. Not only did you provide a useful insight into the world of
commercial photography but you achieved what I thought was impossible in
that you made me believe that perhaps I could do portrait photography. Of
course with your extensive experience you make it look simple and I sure
that if I was to try it on my own it would be far straightforward, but still
the first barrier has been overcome and I am now quite excited about the
possibilities you have shown.

I shall be joining the SWPP shortly and hope to attend at least one day of
the convention in January and I hope to see you there. Also I will be in
touch to take you up on your offer of some more lighting tuition in exchange
for a crash course in colour management.

I hope you and Sue have a great Christmas, and I shall speak to you soon,


Hello Len

Just a quick message to say thank you for such an inspiring course - your tuition was wonderfully patient and informative, and the models were very helpful - especially the last minute stand-in - please thank her for her bravery on the day.

I have since been setting up my studio and have joined SWPP - and even entered a couple of photos this month. I am now working with Photoshop and the tricks you showed us are actjessually working! I now need to completely revamp my website and practise the lighting set-ups you showed us with some willing models - people and animals.

Hopefully I can return for the wildlife photography one day, and also another helping of fish and chips!

Thank you again - the course was everything you advertised and more. I will send you some pictures in time and your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Davina Wilson=

Hi Len,

Thanks for the Portraiture course last week! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a lot, both technically and business-wise. You certainly have a wealth of experience behind you ! I've attached some of my more final images from last week and would appreciate any comments you have on how I could improve them. Thanks.

Hope your landscape course went well this week - I'm really looking forward to the Wedding Photography course next week.

See you on Tuesday.




Hi Len, Thanks for a great course

Just wanted to say thanks again. Last night I was an extra photographer at a wedding and I definitely experienced being blocked by the official photographer. But I remembered your tip about the ladder to get shots of groups and I asked the staff at the reception room if they got one. As I was with the brides family and they were in the front row I just moved one of the chairs and placed my ladder ladder. He could not block me after that J, and after using your exposure guide. I was finishing some of my group shots before they were

Hi Len,

Thanks ever so much again for the last two weeks.

I got out of the courses exactly what I was hoping for and now feel equipped to peruse a career in Photography. (I am happy for you to quote this).

I wish you all the best and will keep in touch,


Hi Len,

Just thought I’d drop you a short note to thank you for all your efforts on the 4 day wedding course last week – really enjoyed it. I’m not normally the kind of person that writes this type of email but thought I would on this occasion as I thoroughly enjoyed my time down in Milford Haven; and, I believe, learnt quite a lot. Please also pass on my thanks to Lizzie, Laura and Beth – three very patient models (especially Beth in the rain!). Over the next week or so, I’ll be tidying the images up in Photoshop and will then send you a disc so you can pass any photoson to the girls.

I’d like to keep in touch and let you know how things go.

Once again, many thanks and all the best,


PS My girlfriend and I managed to get out to Skomer on Saturday to see the puffins. A glorious day – 1/125th F11 all daCharlotty!

Hi Len

After taking your Wedding Lighting course, you advised me and my fellow training delegate to join the SWPP. My aim ultimate aim was to achieve a gold award winning image, well so far has it gone well?
You bet, I have won two golds so far, these were in January Macro and March Pictorial, am I happy? Yes I am, but this could not have been done without your expertise and training. How I shape and finish my images has a lot to do with what I had learnt from you, I also have 9 silvers and 14 bronzes, so was it worth the course fee?
The best value for money I have spent in many years and it has also helped me enjoy my hobby to a higher level.
I think I now know where I want to go with it, and what my week areas are so I can work on them. I will be booking another course with you shortly.

Thanks Len


Steve Robinson

Hey Len,

Just a quick note to thank you for the course last week. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and I thought it was a good crowd. Was worth coming 200 miles just to see your photos in your gallery/studio. They are quite amazing. Almost tempted to go and buy a film camera now too :)

Would have loved to have joined you on the portrait course this week but unfortunately work commitments simply don't allow. I will be looking later this year to see what other courses you are doing and seeing if I can steal some time away from work, and the family, to come and do another few days down there.

Thanks again and hope you have continued success.

Best Regards

Dear Len,

Thank you for your time and patience! I look forward to putting all that I've learned into practise! So if you start seeing lots of photos with candles being the prop, you'll know who it is.

Many thanks Louise hawkins.

Hi Len

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a well worth while course, I learnt so much from you that it has altered the way I take my pictures. You are the most knowledgeable photographer I have ever met, that includes my father who was a professional photographer in the 60's and 70's, 80's and 90's. Your skill on lighting is second to none, your images are amongst the best I have ever seen. To even come close to your finished product was an accomplishment.
I hope you will pass on my thanks and gratitude to your models, Charlotte, Natalie, Charlie and Amy, they were fantastic and helped so much to attain the images I was after. They all portraid themselves as natural beauties (which they are) and were most accommodating to pose any which way possible, hats off to them. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who wishes to further their knowledge of lighting and photography in general.
The most noticable thing about your teaching was that, you could take a perfect shot straight away and pass on why, and what exposure you were using to help myself and other students reach the same plane of perfection.
Thank you so much.
Steve Robinson

Hi Len,

Just a quick email to say thank you for last week’s training course. Being a relative newcomer to the technical aspects of aperture and f-stop settings I found your explanations much more understandable than those given in the books/articles have read on the subject. Together with the information on lighting they have provided me with a good basis for taking Wedding and Portrait photographs.
I also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere during the course and the excellent models provided for the practical sessions. Please pass on my thanks to Natalie and the girls for being so understanding in such cold weather!
I will keep you posted as to my progress in business and may well see you again on another course.

Thanks again,
Kevin Durki

Rosemary and i would like to thankyou for your kind hospitality on the recent video course which was extremely educational and good fun, we are now well under way with some new products as a result.
For you information you might like to take a look at a site that i found whilst doing some research, which reflects much of what you were talking about. But most of all check out their prices!

Kind Regards
Andrew Porter

Chillipepper Images

T.01484 689363
M.07872 142350

Hi Len

thank you for the great course that we had over the past couple of days I think that will be a great help to me to improve my photography.
My laptop was not really good enough to do all the editing but now that I am home I am finding it a lot easier on my home pc.
I have sent a few edits with this email and wondered if you could have a quick look to see if I am heading in the right direction with them.
I will in the near future book your assessment program as soon as I have done some of my own material without any help.

Thanks again to yourself and Natalie for the help in getting me on this course
David Hoare.

Dear Len,

just a short note to tell you how much I've enjoyed the portraiture course. There was a lot of information and I am still digesting it.
I was a bit apprehensive that my limited knowledge in photography would not be enough for me to understand the technical stuff, but your tuition was simple and clear. I did not have any problems understanding it. I came away enthusiast and it was well worth it.

Thank you

Dear Len and Natalie,
An enormous thanks for a fabulous 4 days, I really enjoyed myself and Now know what direction I am going in. I am in the process of looking for a tripod and all the other bits I will need to embark on taking better photos.
I think what I would like to do is to practise over the summer and come back in early autumn time but in the interim submit photos for support and advice , Can this be done?
Also can I ask questions by e-mail during this time.
It is amazing how I am starting to look at the world differently,Looking fro lead ins and thirds and what is better being much more observant Of the world around me. Looking for places to take better photos for outdoor work, I may need to plant some more greenery etc !!!!. and even move a tree or two !
Thank you for the photo you did of me even though not quite like Ursula Andress, I know where I am going wrong , I need a white bikini.
Thanks again , My few days really has made a difference to what I am doing and my future.
I could say I have seen the light but that would be corny.
keep well

Hi Natalie and Len,
Diane and I are back home now and buzzing with excitiement about our future prospects as wedding photographers. We both had such a lovely time with you all and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Wales. It was not only a learning experience, but also an enjoyable short break for us both. We are delighted with our photographs and when we showed them to our daughter Gabrielle, she
commented that although she thought they would be good pictures, she didnt think they were going to be as good as that! Praise from a teenager is praise indeed!
We think we need to put our prices up. Any
suggestions? We will be booking further courses with you in the future, but would like some one on one if possible.
Can you provide us with Angharads email? We would like to keep in touch with everyone. We cant wait to return to Pembrokeshire and look forward to seeing you all
Best wishes
Richard and Diane.

Hi Len

I attended your wedding course at the end of April 2007 and have to say that it was the best investment I've ever made in the 20 years I've been enjoying photography. I learn't more in those couple of days than I have in all the rest of the years added together! The great thing for me was the mix of practical work along with sound business advice.
Since attending the course I've now got several bookings stretching through this year and into next year. But the key thing for me was about advertising. Believe it or not, but a few weeks ago I went to the Dentist (of all places) and noticed that a shop a couple of doors down was being fitted out as a bridal wear specialist - the only one of it's kind in the town! I remembered your advice about getting your work displayed in such places - so I 'dashed home' (with a numb jaw!!!) - devised a letter offering to take pictures of models wearing their bridal gowns for display in the shop, at no cost to them but in exchange for advertising my services - went back and posted it through their letterbox. I got a phone call on Monday this week to call in for a chat and to bring examples of my work today (Friday).

The examples I took were all enlargements and included some of the photo's taken on the course. The owner was delighted (she actually 'gasped' when she saw a 20 x 16 print I'd taken of Amy!) and is really keen for me to provide pictures for display throughout the shop (including the dressing area!) - she'll arrange the models as well! I am 'over the moon' about it as I now have 'exclusive' display and advertising with the only specialist bridal wear shop in town!!!

Many thanks for your advice and I'll definitely be looking to attend the advanced wedding course in the near future!

Best wishes


Hi Len,

I wanted to say thanks for the wedding course, quite simply it was invaluable and completely changed my attitude towards photographing weddings. I travelled down from Manchester but the journey back was a breeze knowing that I had all of the information and confidence I needed to start out in the wedding business. The wealth of detail I took from extra day has already paid off and with my latest wedding and I'm not sure how I ever managed without your advice! Great locations, flawless knowledge of the industry and a nice bloke too - woth every penny.

cheers Rick

Hi Len & Natalie

Just a short note to thank you both for an excellent wedding photography course. I came away with an awful lot of knowledge imparted by your 30yrs plus experience, my head
Cave Light is still spinning but I have got some good ideas starting to form of my own. I have got my second wedding to photograph on 26th May (first with your training) and I have no problem now if it rains on the day! I have managed to get two shop windows to display my work, one is prime location on a high street in a beauty parlour where they do the full pre wedding hair and makeup packages, could have potential. Thanks again for the course and special thanks to Nat for freezing for us in the rain at the church. Will more than likely be back soon for your portraiture course as I am getting a lot of interest in that direction.

See you soon Regards Iain Cooper

Dear Len,
Firstly to say a BIG Thank you. My wife Kathryn and I stayed with you at the old school house for your 2 day wedding photography course in November. (Kathryn successfully had WINGE swallowing worming tablets, when he refused to take them!) I hope you remember . . .? I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course. Your experience has taught us all so much, which I hope to utilise in the New Year.

Thanks again, our regards to the lovely Natalie.

Dear Len, Just a quick note to say thanks for this weekend. Its now Tuesday and my head still hurts because it absorbed so much information. Michelle and I have already exchanged e mails and I have set out my shopping list for my poor husband to consider. Michelle and I both wish to return for the advanced course, its just a matter of when! What is your availability for the courses in December and March.

Once again Thanks for the inspiration. Sian Worsley

Hi Len, It's been nearly 4 weeks since I did your excellent beginers wedding course... Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your expert knowledge that was on hand throughout 125th @ f11! tee hee. I really enjoyed being able to observe and learn a great deal from your expertise built up from all your years doing photography, and for showing me that wonderful 'North Light' that is out there to be found and captured, I tend to look at subjects completely different now. The accommodation was very relaxed and peaceful, fantastic breakfasts, and all in beautiful surroundings. Since arriving home, I have NOW SOLD ALL MY MAMIYA GEAR! Now own a Canon EOS10d, have installed Photoshop CS, and Breezebrowser! I will also be joining the SWPP. Have you heard anything from Natale and how she is getting on?
Thanks again Len, see you at Focus 2007 Regards Lester Coates

I just wanted to drop you a line instead of an email to thank you for such an enjoyable time last week. I cant believe how much I learnt in such a short time.

Rosalind Castle Studios.

When you are still working at 18.00 without realizing the time, you realize you are on a very special course. The enthusiasm that Len has for his subject inspires you to attempt to achieve his standards and enjoyment.
I would recommend this course to anyone with thoughts of becoming a professional photographer.
Quite simply the best course I have ever attended.


Len, finally a breathing space from my day job and time to send you an e-mail. I just wanted to say thanks for the course last week-end. I know I can be a hard student, asking loads of questions, but you were patient and very full with your answers. I learned a huge amount abCharlotteout photography - weddings and otherwise - most of which had nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with how I approach things. Getting input from one who knows what it is all about is invaluable. I said at the time, and still feel, that you have showed us how to cheat at exams. You made it look so easy. By the time I got home my wife had already been eBaying for wedding dresses and already looked up the SWPP. There are also plans about talking to a friend who runs a local community centre (that gets hired for receptions) and the vicar at the church over the road from the school that she teaches at, with a view to being able to go and take model shots there... even a few ideas for models! I am itching to get my studio light out to play around with it and get my settings understood so that I can progress. More, I am waiting for a crack at going to the local church (whatever the weather) to find THAT light! Thanks again. I'll be sure to let you know how I progress.

Regards, Mark


I would like to thank you for my superb 'Careers in Photography' course last week. Fiona and I very much enjoyed our stay and, as I said, I learned more about photography in 3 days than I had over the past 30 years. I appreciated greatly your honest and open teaching style. It was worth every penny. I was looking at further courses to take. Having raced through both the portrait and wedding course elements last week, is it better to do the basic courses before coming on the advanced ones or to go straight to the latter? I will also be looking at the landscape and nature courses at some time.

Andrew Gransden ScotlandCharlie

This is just a little gesture of thanks from me to you both. I have been to your wedding photography courses twice. I must say I enjoyed them thoroughly not only from a photography point of view, but also the friendliness and the hospitality way in which myself and fellow "students" were treated. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere certainly made everything easier to digest.
You may remember I came down June of last year, and had my first full wedding the following Saturday. Well I must admit I did not sleep a wink on the Friday night and the sweat was oozing out of my body ( nerves not the heat by the way!)

Anyway I tried to remember what you taught me, most importantly and relaxing the bride, groom and guests etc. I must admit the best complement I received was how they enjoyed the day because of the way I was with everyone. They also enjoyed the photographs, by the way. Needless to say I have received more work since. I have to say I have learnt something new after each wedding. ( I have done 5).

I have quite a few booked for this year (portraits also). Things are going really well, more than expected and a lot of is down to you. So from the bottom of my heart thank you for your time, and for sharing your vast knowledge with me.

With thanks

Bill Hartley. North Yorks.

You made me feel at home from the very start and created an atmosphere whereby learning became easy and fun. Thank you for letting me into your wonderful home. The courseWedding course was conducted at good pace with uncomplicated instruction. The locations used were great with the models easy to work with and beautiful.

Kevin & Kim John



Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say thank you so much for the weekend. The course was brilliant I didn't realise I could learn so much in such a short space of time. I came to you wanting to be a professional photographer and came away feeling like I Len with delegatesreally am a professional photographer. The course exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to attend the next one. You made Tim and I feel really welcome and comfortable even though we arrived not sure what to expect. I have sent SWPP an email to request a place on your masterclass so I will see you again shortly in January. In the meantime could you please put my name down for the Advanced Wedding Course in March (17th&18th)and could I please have a double room again so that Tim can accompany me? Please send my best wishes to Jan and I look forward to seeing you both in January at the SWPP convention.

Kind Regards Jennifer Lawton

Hi Len, thought that it was about time I contacted you to tell you how much I enjoyedLen lecturing at local church and learned during you wedding photography course back in August. I enjoyed the style of your course and location. I have since set up my web site and included some images from the course and also some that I took from my nieces wedding at Bolsover Castle on the 16th August. We are hoping to be back to the in 2 years time at which time I may came on another course,

Best wishes Ron Burgin LenzFlair Photography

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed the course immensely.

I am so pleased that I took the first step in attending a photography course as it has been something in the back of my mind for a long time now. You have helped me to realize that photography is something that I really want to keep up with and make a career from.

It is great to see two people still so passionate abouDelegates at workt something after such a long time in the business. I am so glad that you have chosen to share that will others.

I have learnt so much from the weekend and am really excited about getting my equipment which is now on order!

Anyway, thanks again and hope to see you both again soon.


Hi Len

I thoughWedding courset I would send you a message to thanks you once again for your warm and expert tuition. The course was more that I expected and I can say that my confidence has vastly increased. I have just downloaded the images that I took and they are incredible.

Alyssa loved her stay and of course wants to come back - I asked her what see liked most on the course, and she said "Everything"

Norma Dean

We just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the help you provided on the recent course.

Andrew & Jacqui

I would like to thank you both for your help, a very friendly atmosphere with course tuition very clear.

Nina Wright

Your coursDelegatese was well worth attending, since then I have booked 3 video and wedding stills worth £1500.00 each. I put together a beautiful portfolio of work from the pictures I took during the course, from which I have had nothing but positive feedback. I do hopes all well, it was an honor to learn from one of the best.. Kind regards

Kelly Barrell

I attended the Wedding, Portraiture and Business courses and enjoyed all three very much. A warm, friendly and relaxing few days away. The course kept my attention all day and helped save money on learning through your own experiences. Thinking about doing you Landscape course later this year. Regards Richard Barry



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