Diary. 2015

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Jan 6th / 7th / 8th Wedding course.

A three day course looking at all aspects of wedding photography. Studio work was covered and use of lighting indoors, from portable flash to studio lighting.

Various church's were attended where we run through the sequence of events you would expect to happen during the wedding.

How we market ourselves, use of key words, sales, and album presentation were covered.

Jan 20th / 21st Portraiture Course

A two day course on how to set up a studio and hoCharlie08w we work from home or on location. Lighting was a big part of the course but also covered was marketing and business planning.

Models were supplies from babies to family groups, with how to deal with young children to get the best from them, producing salable images.

Feb 5th / 6th Video Course.

A two day course showing you all you need to know about how to video a wedding from start to finish. We also looked at how to blend the video with sequences taken during and before the wedding.

Feb 11th till 20th Careers Course

This course covered how to market yourself and you work, looking at the use of key words and how to put them together to be able to sell your product. As this course was also a combination of business, wedding, portraiture and digital people also attending to do a careers course. We looked at advanced lighting situations as well as looking at the fashion style of wedding photography. There was plenty of hands on experience for everyone and some one to one where needed.
We looked at how to light a wedding and for this you work with light that is already around us, we need to see it and understand it. It can take years of practice to achieve this high standard of lighting that you see winning awards, we are showing you this in just a few days.
At the end of the course a DVD was produced of everyone's work to show the standard that was achieved.

March 10th / 11th / 12th / 13th Weddiing Course.

Lean how to take award winning photography. Two churchs were used with models supplied for each of the days.

March 24th / 25th Portraiture coursewedd

A two day course looking at lighting, both inside and outside. Business was also covered and how to market your work.

May 11th / 12th / 13th / 14th Wedding Course

A four day course where we looked again at how to light a wedding. Course included preparation to the final album. Various lighting situations were set up using models to demonstrate the various effects.
How to plan ahead and understand various situations that could go wrong.

June 8th / 9th Landscape / Pictorial Course.

Looking at taking pictorial images using digital format. The first day running through the rules and setting tasks to take for the afternoon. A trip to Skomer for the second day to see the Puffins was made. You are that close to the birds that the telephoto lens was no good!

June 28th / 29th Portraiture Course.

A two day photographic course with models. Studio and outdoor work was included as well as discussing some of the business side of photography.

June 30th / July 1st Advanced Wedding Course.

This course is proving very popular with delegates coming from all over the country. We actually hold a complete wedding from start to finish so that everyone can get some experience in handling the situation in a real situation. Studio work on the second day before heading for lunch at The Castle and then onto St Brides for some scenic images.. experience in handling the sitaution as if for real.

July 6th / 7th Portraiture Course.

Running through how to set up your own photography business using digital cameras with photoshop 7. Lighting is the main factor when it comes to photographing people, both subtractive and additive were demonstrated using professional models. You can see with Amy one of our models how good lighting makes the difference.

July 20th / 21st Wedding Photography Course.

Another Wedding course which we have fitted in during this busy period. All these courses are now filling up quite quickly and we are trying to fit more and more in. We have also invested in new computers and laptops so we can concentrate on digital. These are also available for the divers. We now Broadband internet connection available to all residents.

August 3rd / 4th Pictorial Course.

A two day photographic course, looking at composition, lines and shapes to make up an image. Using digital we produced some of the images via Photoshop. We now have a new computer for delegates to work on, making four in total at the moment. We are aportiming to get another two.

August 16th / 17th / 18th / 19th Wedding Photography Course.

A four day course looking at all aspects of how to photography a wedding, from equpiment to producing the final Album. Lighting is a big part of this course, covering both inside and outside lighting.
Next course is running at the end of August and can be either a two or four day course.

August 25th / 26th Video Course

Here we looked at ways of videoing a wedding, from moments before the wedding till the going away after the wedding. There is a demand from people to have their wedding done in a professional way, and we show you how to do that and how to make it different from others on the market.

September 7th Video Course.

A one to one on building up a business, looking at life stories. Marketing and how to get established was some of the topics covered.

Oct 13th / 14th Portraiture course

A two day course workimng with models outdoors covering various aspects of lighting






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