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Len has won as many as twenty monthly awards with the SWPP. In one month Len won five "Photographer of the Month" awards, Digital, Landscape, Pet, Portraiture and Pictorial Photography and the next month won the section with Portraiture and Children.
All monthly winning images will go into the finals at the start of each year for "Photographer of the Year" which is held in London.

Len now spends his time judging and lecturing with the SWPP rather than entering competitions and was awarded a Master member with the SWPP in January 2012.

Best Video of the Year (MPA)
Best Video of the Year (IOV)
Wedding Photographer of the Year (MPA)
Kodak under five award winner.
Portrait Photographer of the Year (MPA)
Best Video (RPS) Hugh Bradley Award
Kodak European Awards
Master with SWPP

Photographer of the Month Awards.

Portraiture August 05
Environmental Oct 05
Landscape April 06
Digital Art Jan 06
Pictorial May 05
Pet May 05
Nature May 05
Wedding Aug 04

Digital Art May 05
Portraiture May 05
Landscape Jan 06
Pictorial Feb 06
Landscape Dec 05
Environmental Feb 06
Digital Art Nov 05
Environmental Nov 05
Digital Art Jan 06
Child May 05
Child June 06
Portraiture June 05

Natural History July 06
Portraiture July 06

Digital Art July 06
Digital Art August 2006
Wedding August 2006
Pictorial March 2007

Portraiture May 2007
Environmental Portraiture June 2007
Fine Art June 2007
Pictorial GOLD October 2008

Portraiture GOLD November 2008

Most of the work in this production was taken during our photography courses. The music is from a film called Jonathan Livingston Seagull, that gave me inspiration at a time in my life that I needed it most, after the loss of my first wife. Its about a seagull that finds out what life is all about and the need to be different.

Len Bateman: Photographer of the Year 2005 Digital Art.

Len has won photographer of the year for an image taken on one of his courses. The image waDigital art photo of the years taken at Milford Haven, and enhanced with Photoshop. The award was presented to Len at the Awards Dinner held at Coventry with the SWPP. Len was also awarded the R2400 printer from Epson. During the year Len has won as many of fourteen monthly winners for his Environmental Photography, Portraiture, Digital Art, Landscape, Wedding, Pictorial, and Pictorial images. We will show you how you can create images to win awards, as many of our past delegates have already done.

There are images all around us, every day, every second. Every day they are different, lighting changes and is never the same. We have to learn to "see" all over again to become a photographer.

Master SWPP
Winner of fourteen monthly competition with the SWPP within a year!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes"


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Leonard J Bateman


"Wedding Photographer of the Year"
"Video Photographer of the Year"
"Pictorial Photographer of the Year"
"Runner up Best Wedding Video Production"
"Portrait Photographer of the Year"
"Winner Hugh Bradley Award"
"Bafta Award UK"

"Photographer of the Year Digital Art 2005"

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