Careers in Social day course.
Course can be based over three to six months.....the complete package!

The course is designed to put you on the right road in becoming a Professional Photographer. Tasks will be set for you to complete over three months and you will attend four courses over the same permegan3iod. These courses can be a choice of Careers, Weddings, Portraiture, Landscape, Video, Business, Compostion, and Digital.

Len has run a successful photographic business for over 35 years and before that was a successful business man, managing over two thousand people.

To be a successful photographer, you need only 20% knowledge of knowing how to take photographs and 80% on how to run a successful business.

This course is all about how to get started in photography and will also include details on Wedding, Video, Business, School Photography, Running Competitions, and Portraiture Photography.

It covers all you need to know about how to make a success and earn an income from photography. If you are thinking of setting up a career in this field, then this is the course for you. Len will hold nothing back and will let you into all the secrets and tricks that help get the business in. Waiting for work to come to you does not work, you have to go out there and get it. Len will show you how to get established in the field of photography and how to run successful promotions.

This is not just a business course but also includes details about Studio and Wedding Photography. This seven Day Course can be set over three to six months.

Starting your own Business
Creating your own style
Lecture Room
One to one tuition
Setting up your own web page
Design your own brochures
Cost and Charges
Models supplied
Digital and Photoshop
Photographing Weddings
Studio Portraiture
Environmental Portraiture
Seeing into an Image
Subtractive Lighting
Studio Lighting
Work tasks set over the three month period.
Computer Data Base, relating to photography
School portraiture
Advertising, what works.
How to display your work
Commercial work
Window promotions
How to win Competitions
Equipment required
How to work from home

Evaluation of work

The course will be based over seven days, with ongoing training and evaluation of work during that period. Cave Light There will also be one to one tuition with Mr Bateman as part of the course.

Plenty of time will be spend planning your own business and working with you to set it up. This is done on an individual basis tailor making the course for your own needs, discussing your business and how it will work for you. Most of this course will be a one to one basis and work will be set for completion within a set time.

A certificate will be given of achievement at the end of each course.

The course can be spread over 3 to 6 months with feed back and projects given between courses to complete during that period. Part of this course will be on a one to one basis to ensure that your own needs are covered.

Price £2500.00

Comprehensive Coverage.

For one to one tuition, condensed over a full week at your own venue or at ours. This course will cover all you need to know about professional photography and how to get yourself established in this field of work. Len will also show you how you can develope your own style of work and then how best to market it.

Price £2800.00

For a three or five day Careers Course

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